1. Advance the standards of practice, education and regulations of nursing and midwifery in South Sudan to the highest possible level.
  2. Strengthen the provision of nursing and midwifery care for increased access of individuals, families and communities to high quality health care services in South Sudan.
  3. Develop the competencies and professional growth of nurses and midwives through continuous education and in‑service training.
  4. Build capacity of nurses and midwives to optimize their values and address barriers including remuneration which make it difficult for them to offer their best.
  5. Foster high ideals of ethics and integrity among all nurses and midwives, in their conduct and camaraderie, among themselves and with others including other health professionals and clients.
  6. Facilitate communication, sharing and research among nurses and midwives to inform practice.
  7. Build partnerships with civil society, policy makers and other stakeholders for the improvement of nursing and midwifery services.
  8. Be involved in activities and events that are lawful and will contribute to improving the health and well being of people across South Sudan.